Vegan Rosh Hashana

Sep 4, 2013 by

Vegan Rosh Hashana

I think my mom would approve of my veganizing Rosh Hashana (as well as the other Jewish holidays) even though she never knew I became vegan <sigh>.  She was the best cook and I loved her holiday menus.  Her tzimmas was the best dish I ever had but, alas, her recipe could never be veganized

My most favorite vegan Matzo Ball Soup has to be Nava’s at Veg Kitchen.  I’ve been making that one for every holiday for the past year and it’s even been liked (a little) by the non-vegans in the house!  The matzo balls were pretty good too!

This year, I think I’m going to experiment with matzo meal and the Vegg to make matzo balls.  I originally got the Vegg 2 years ago on Passover so I could make matzo brei (aka fried matzo, the fact that my favorite Passover meal was veganized made my life so wonderful!)  I’ll post how this experiment works out!

Meanwhile, with so many options online for vegan Rosh Hashana meals, I’m going to be very busy eating in the New Year!

Here’s an interesting article titled “What does Rosh Hashana have to do with vegetarianism?”.

Chag Sameach everyone!


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